Improved Teams Collaboration
Feb 15, 2024
Posted by Mike Cao

Effective collaboration among team members is crucial for success. Today, we are excited to announce new improvements to the teams feature in Umami that increases collaboration and streamlines access to websites.

Improved team management

Previously, the teams feature was used as a way for users to share access to websites between members. However, this caused a few problems. Websites could not be created, edited, or deleted by team members, making real collaboration difficult. Also, website ownership belonged to individual users and not the team.

Teams are now a completely separate entity that owns websites. Instead of sharing websites, any user on the team has full access to all websites owned by the team. With this model, your personal websites will always be separate from your teams websites and thus less confusing and easier to manage.

Additionally, teams are now accessible in their own space where you can see team info, websites and members.

Quick team access

Team context is now consistent throughout the application. You are either viewing the application as yourself or as a team member.

The Umami navbar now has a dropdown menu that lets you quickly switch between your personal account and your teams.


Your existing teams and team members will still be active. However, if you want to work with websites as a team, you will need to transfer ownership of your website to your team.

In Umami Cloud, there is now a transfer website feature that lets you transfer a website between your account and a team that you own. To access it, click Edit on your website and then select the Data tab and then click the Transfer button.


The new teams feature is available to all users now in Umami Cloud. It will be available to self-host users in the next release of Umami v2.10.0.

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