In order to access your data using Umami Cloud, you will need to generate an API key.

All API routes in the reference section are available in Umami Cloud using an API key, with the exception of some routes listed in the Not Allowed section.

Create your key

To create a key in Umami Cloud, go to the Accounts > API Keys and click the Create key button.

You can reveal your key by clicking on the visible icon in the text input.

Using your key

You can access your Umami Cloud data by querying the following address.


Just pass in your API key via a custom header x-umami-api-key

For example, with curl it would look like this:

curl https://api.umami.is/v1/websites
   -H "Accept: application/json"
   -H "x-umami-api-key <api-key>"

Using your key with API Client

Set the following requirement variables to have the API client use your API key.


More details on using the API client can be found in API client.


Each API key is limited to 50 calls every 15 seconds.

Not allowed

The following API routes are not made available using your API key.


Deleting your key

You can delete your key under Accounts > API Keys, and clicking the Delete button for the specific key to be deleted.

Once an API key is deleted, it cannot be recovered.