Running on Netlify

Netlify provides a free hosting service which is ideal for github organizations..

In this setup, you should already have a database server running and accepting remote connections. If you don't already have a database, you can follow the Running on DigitalOcean guide to get a database up and running. You can also check out the Managed databases section under Hosting.

Setup Deploy with netlify

Automate steps 1-5 using the button above

  1. Fork the project to your GitHub account.
  2. Create an account on netlify.
  3. From the dashboard page click Import Project then specify the URL to your fork of the project on GitHub.
  4. Add the required environment variables DATABASE_URL and HASH_SALT. These values are defined in the Configure umami step from Install.
  5. Deploy and visit your application.
  6. Follow the Getting started guide starting from the Login step and be sure to change the default password.