Running on PlanetScale

PlanetScale is a MySQL-compatible serverless database platform. PlanetScale uses Vitess which doesn't support foreign keys and therefore we have to modify schema.mysql.sql as explained below.


  1. Fork the project to your GitHub account.
  2. Create a database on PlanetScale called umami-db and get its connection string (Hint: select "Prisma" from the "Connect with" menu). It should look something like this: mysql://username:password@host/umami-db?sslaccept=strict
  3. Add DATABASE_URL and HASH_SALT (any random string) to you .env file:
  1. Open schema.mysql.sql and delete all lines starting with foreign key and make sure to delete the dangling commas.
  2. Download the PlanetScale CLI and authenticate with pscale auth login.
  3. Create the tables by running the following command on the root of the project: pscale shell umami-db main < sql/schema.mysql.sql.
  4. You should now be able to build and start Umami (npm run build followed by npm start).
  5. Follow the Getting started guide starting from the Login step and be sure to change the default password.


If are getting an error like the following example:

PrismaClientInitializationError: Can't reach database server at ``:`3306`

You can try add a connection timeout query parameter on your DATABASE_URL: