Running on Supabase

Supabase is a open source Firebase alternative built on the Postgres database.


  1. Create a project on Supabase with a given name in a region close to where you will be hosting your Umami project.
  2. Get the database connection string from the Settings > Database page, then scroll to the bottom for the Connection Pooling section and copy the Connection string. It should look something like this: postgres://postgres:[YOUR-PASSWORD]@host:6543/postgres
  3. Important: add ?pgbouncer=true to the connection string you just copied.
  4. Add DATABASE_URL and HASH_SALT (any random string) to your .env file:
  1. You can create the tables by using pgsql or by copying and pasting the content of the sql/schema.postgresql.sql file into the Supabase Dashboard SQL editor.
# pgsql
pgsql -h hostname -U postgres -d postgres -f sql/schema.postgresql.sql
  1. You should now be able to build and start Umami (npm run build followed by npm start).
  2. Follow the Getting started guide starting from the Login step and be sure to change the default password.